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Soulness is my character
Soulness is the script of my life full of Soul, Charisma and integrity

What does Soulness mean you ask
Spirituality that flows through me
Obviously blessed and highly anointed
Uniqueness is my way and understanding is my game
Lovable from A to Z but cross me and I'll have to lay some hands
Ness is the things in and out of my life so next time you here the word Soulness know that it stands for more than just a name
So let me hear you say
S.O.U.Lness                  S.O.U.Lness
I'm full of soul and Jazzy Jazz when the rain falls and taps your window pane just know that its saying
S.O.U.Lness                  S.O.U.Lness
my soul is free as a dove and heart so full of love how can I not call myself Soulness
Soulness is the Blues that runs through me like a troubled mother going through hell
Soulness is the joys and pains that make me the Black Woman that I am Today
So let me hear you say
S.O.U.Lness                  S.O.U.Lness

The fire that runs through my veins causes me to create great pain
I'm not a woman of simplicity but a woman on a mission to create a vision
So don't let my looks fool you but know that my soul is burning faster than a forest firer and there's no way you can put this firer out
Its apart of my soul that can't be touched
So people understand that Soulness is not just a word but a vine that has produced fruits of all taste
From the womb of a genuine woman pure darkness is her skin and much wisdom flows from her mouth
The Soulness that flows through me is the knowledge, strength and expectancy of like she passed to me to become that Soulful woman
A woman who could and can deal with everyday life and not let life deal with me

                 I am pure Soul I am Soulness!!!!

Written by Stephanie K. Matthews

Soulness Poets Page